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Hokkaido has many tourist destinations. Its magnificent scenery attracts people all over the world. Sounkyo is located almost in the middle of Hokkaido, and followed by 24-kilometer cliff. It is also famous as a place for rich onsen, and is one of best resorts in Hokkaido. Hotel Taisetsu is a hotel located on the highest hill in Sounkyo. Our proud onsen, cuisine and rooms will help you make your trip very memorable.


Buses connecting Sounkyo and Sapporo will be in operation. The bus service will be cancelled if there is no reservation. Reservations can be made by phone or through the Internet reservation site (in preparation).


There are three large public baths in the hotel, each of which has a feature. You can choose different large public bath with the mood of the time, for example you enjoy the outlook, experience the splendor of the ravine or savor the exotic atmosphere. Please enjoy a number of onsens that take advantage of the highest hill in Sounkyo Onsen.

Japan SounkyoOnsen ResortHotelTaisetsu Introduction
Hokkaido SounkyoOnsen HotelTaisetsu Outdoor bath with a view of valley Tenganoyu Hokkaido SounkyoOnsen OnsenResortHotel HotelTaisetsu  Outdoor bath with a view of valley

Outdoor bath with a view of valley Tenganoyu

Taisetsusanso 3F

The beauty of the valley, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the valley and is misty in morning fog, is a must-see. You can relax your mind and body in the spacious open-air bath.

Bathing time 5am-12:30pm/3pm-12am

Japan SounkyoOnsen HotelTaisetsu Grand public bath with a view TAISETSU Japan SounkyoOnsen OnsenResortHotel HotelTaisetsu Grand public bath with a view

Grand public bath with a view TAISETSU

West wing 7F

It's a large public bath in the highest position in Sounkyo, so you can feel the magnificence of the heavy snow mountains up close. An open-air bath is also provided.

Bathing time 12:30pm-10am the next day

Hokkaido SounkyoOnsen HotelTaisetsu European style Grand public bath CHINITA Hokkaido SounkyoOnsen OnsenResortHotel HotelTaisetsu European style Grand public bath

European style Grand public bath CHINITA

East wing 1F

It's a large public bath with the highest temperature of hot water in brick style. It's a perfect place to taste the real pleasure of onsen carefully, and the atmosphere is unique too.

10am-8am the next day


Hokkaido is said to be a treasure trove of food. We used a lot of ingredients from Hokkaido and prepared exclusive dish by the chef. We prepare a Kaiseki Gozen according to the plan and a buffet restaurant that you can enjoy easily. If you choose your favorite dish, it's sure to make your trip memorable.

SounkyoOnsen HotelTaisetsu BuffetDining HINNNAnomori


West wing 2F

It's a new, casual buffet-style restaurant. Ingredients from all over Hokkaido are served with the original arrangement by the chef. The number of items is abundant, so you may be wondering which to choose. From main dishes to desserts, it's a proud restaurant that will satisfy all customers.

Hokkaido SounkyoOnsen inankur


West wing 1F

We offer creative seasonal cuisine in a calm space.

SounkyoOnsen ResortHotelTaisetsu RestaurantKikiyouan


West wing 2F

The calm furnishings and private room space promise the finest time. A number of sumptuous dishes have been packed with the chef's commitment. Memories of the trip are complemented by the cuisines of Kikiyouan. It is a restaurant exclusively for guests staying at "WABO-YUKIHANA"


We have rooms for various plans in the hotel. It is very close to the valley, has various rooms such as room with a view-style open-air bath, and a pure Japanese-style layout. Please choose a room that will help you remember your trip and relax slowly.

SounkyoOnsen Rooms with open fine view bath

Premium Room

Each room has a private open-air bath with a magnificent valley view, making it a private space that won't be disturbed by anyone. Please enjoy a wonderful time with your loved one.

SounkyoOnsen ResortHotelTaisetsu Special room

Special Room

The unique calm space, mixed with Japanese and Western styles, features comfortable low beds and tatami flooring. It's a modern space with items that make your stay more comfortable.

Hokkaido Sounkyo Onsen HotelTaisetsu Western and Japanese elements SounkyoOnsen HotelTaisetsu Western and Japanese elements

Canyon View hotel room with both Western and Japanese elements

The newly opened rooms in 2019 offer a special space for valley views. Spacious layout is also recommended with confidence.

Japan Sounkyo Onsen HotelTaisetsu Pure Japanese style special room Hokkaido Sounkyo Onsen HotelTaisetsu Pure Japanese style special room

Japanese style special room

It's a Japanese-style guest room, special room with luxurious furniture. The bedroom and living room are separate, so you can enjoy your stay.

Sounkyo Onsen HotelTaisetsu Standard twin room Sounkyo Onsen HotelTaisetsu Standard twin room

Standard twin room

Of course standard rooms with beds are available. Anyone can relax in hotel-style room layout.


We have a number of internal facilities available for you to enjoy during your stay. You can enjoy open-air bath, special restaurants, karaoke and more.

Hokkaido Sounkyo Onsen HotelTaisetsu Lobby image



The hotel's entrance is open as a relaxing space. It's just the right space to take a breath of relief.

Sounkyo Onsen ResortHotel Izakaya inside


East wing B1

Please feel free to use it when you are a little hungry. Sake and ramen are also available.

Business hours
11:30am-1pm / 7pm-12am

Sounkyo Onsen Convenience store inside

Convenience store

East wing 1F

A rich assortment of items will leave you with memories of your journey. Sweets and drinks are also available.

Business hours
8am-11am / 3pm-9pm

OnsenResortHotel HotelTaisetsu Banquet hall

Banquet hall

East wing B1・2F

Space is available for groups. It's also possible to hold a special show.

Sounkyo Onsen HotelTaisetsu Reflexology

Reflexology VIO

West wing 7F

It's a relaxation space attached to a hot spring. Please come to heal your usual fatigue.

Business hours 4pm-12am

SounkyoOnsen Taisetsu Bakery Cafe & Bar

Taisetsu Bakery Cafe & Bar

East wing 1F

We offer freshly brewed coffee and original bread.

Business hours 8am-6pm


Sounkyo Onsen Hotel Taisetsu

Sounkyo , Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 078-1701

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Hotel Taisetsu

"Limited Express Shuttle Bus Taisetsu"

During the winter season, a shuttle bus “Limited Express Shuttle Bus Taisetsu” runs daily from the bus stop in front of Asahikawa Station.

The shuttle bus would need reservation, please make seat reservation before staying date 3days, the bus probably has stop running date.

* There is a service period. For more information, please contact us through < Taisetsu Official Facebook > or below.

TEL +81-1658-5-3211
FAX +81-1658-5-3420
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Tourist information

Sounkyo Hyoubaku festival

Sounkyo Hyoubaku Festival

It is a fantastic event in Sounkyo, which will be held from late January to late March each year. Taking advantage of the riverbed of the Ishikari River, icicles, ice tunnels, ice domes are lined up in the 10,000 m2 venue. The main observation deck is about 15m high and is illuminated at night and it is very mysterious. Fireworks will also be launched in weekend to color the winter night sky. Free shuttle bus will run from the hotel to the venue during the period.

観光名所 Tourist attraction Ginga-no-Taki Falls and Ryusei-no-Taki Falls

Ginga-no-Taki Falls and Ryusei-no-Taki Falls

You can see two largest waterfalls at the same time, even in Sounkyo. It is selected as one of top 100 waterfalls in Japan.

HotelTaisetsu Near Kurodake ropeway

Kurodake ropeway

Please use the ropeway to enjoy climbing without special equipment. You can enjoy summer alpine plants, autumn's earliest autumn leaves and the best powder snow.

Tourist attraction Obako and Kobako

Obako and Kobako

You can observe the precipice, which is the characteristic of Sounkyo up close. Please be sure to look at the rare rocks created by volcanic activity.

Popular tourist spot Asahikawa Asahiyama Zoo

Asahiyama Zoo

The distance from the hotel to Asahiyama Zoo is about 60 kilometers. You can meet the cute animals in less than an hour.


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